If you have spent any time at all at the Australian online casino, you will have realized that the casinos award their players with an innumerable amount of bonuses. Bonuses are awarded for signing up at the casino, for putting down a first deposit, and often a second and third deposit as well. Bonuses are often awarded on your birthday or for getting a friend to sign up at the casino.

In this article we will look at a variety of exclusive bonuses that the casino awards on a pretty regular basis. It is important to be aware of just how many different bonuses you can be eligible for before you actually sign up at an online casino. It is also important to always read the terms and conditions that come along with these bonuses as oftentimes a bonus that appears to be very exciting and generous is not upon closer inspection.


The no deposit bonus is offered by a large number of the online casinos in Australia. This is a real money casino bonus awarded by the casino for simply signing up and becoming a member. The bonus is usually in the range of $10-$50 and you do not have to put down any money of your own in order to receive this bonus.

The casino no deposit bonus is a great way for you to really experience the online casino experience and get a feel for playing the casino games for real money. This exclusive bonus is only offered to players who are new to the casino and do not have a casino account at this specific online casino.


Unless you win a grand prize or a prize draw, for most players the welcome bonus or welcome package is the largest bonus prize that they will be awarded by their online casino.

The welcome bonus is usually offered as a match bonus. This means that when you place your first deposit at the casino, you will be awarded a bonus based on the size of your deposit. In the case of a 100% match bonus, your initial deposit will be met with a 100% match. If the casino offers a 100% match bonus of up to $250 dollars and you put down the entire $250 in your casino account, you will begin playing at the casino with a grand total of $500!

Many of the casinos offer bonuses on the first three or even four deposits that you place at the casino within a specific time frame such as your fist week at the casino. If you take advantage of these offers you can net as much as $1,000 in casino bonuses in your very first week at the casino. The welcome bonus is exclusive to all new members at the online casino.


An exclusive bonus can also be offered specifically for low or high rollers at a specific online casino. This bonus is usually awarded to players when they make their initial deposit at the casino. If the casino offers a high roller exclusive bonus, you can receive as much as $1,000 extra when you sign up at the casino.

A low roller exclusive bonus is sometimes offered at the casino, if you know that you only have a small budget then you can take advantage of a 200% welcome bonus on a $10, $20 or even $50 deposit.


The exclusive bonuses will come with their very own terms and conditions that you must read very carefully before you claim your bonus. Many of the no deposit bonuses will come with a rule regarding cash out limits or a play through requirement. You may need to make a deposit of your own before you can withdraw winnings made on your no deposit bonus.

Certain bonuses may also be tied to only specific casino games so make sure to check this out you sign up.

The exclusive bonus will need to be used within a specific timeframe – often a few days or a week.


Taking advantage of the no deposit exclusive bonus is a great way to play real money casino games for free whilst winning some free cash. If you are a high roller or a low roller, the exclusive bonuses have been tailor made for you and will specifically appeal to your gaming style.

The exclusive bonus is a great way of personalizing your online casino gaming experience. Not only can you play from your own home and at your own convenience, the exclusive bonus has been created specifically with you in mind!