In this article on the no deposit bonus types at the Australian online casino, bear in mind that different casinos may have slightly different ways of referring to this bonus. In some casinos they may call this the no deposit sign up bonus whilst in other casinos it will be referred to as the no deposit welcome bonus.

Whatever the casino calls it just know that you are receiving an awesome opportunity to play at an online casino with a sign up bonus for no deposit whereby you can experience the thrill of winning real payouts without having to deposit any money of your own.


Despite the incredible popularity of the mobile devices and all of the pretty amazing apps that have been developed, many Australian players still prefer to play casino games from their home computer. In response, the online casinos are continuing to grow in popularity and it seems like new talent sprouts up on a weekly basis.

To attract new players and encourage them to walk through the door, the casinos have gotten even more generous and innovative with their casino bonuses. Whereas the welcome package was traditionally the way to woo new players, the casinos have now come to the conclusion that the best way to attract new customers to the casino is to actually give them a taste of how it feels to play real money games at the casino and this is how the bonus casino with no deposit began.


The no deposit bonus is the very first bonus that you will receive when you sign up at the online casino. The sign up itself is pretty simple and requires you to enter your name and password. Once you have completed the sign up, and before you have even made your way to the casino bank, you will be awarded the no deposit bonus.

The online casino no deposit bonus is usually awarded in the form of free money deposited into your account. The size of the bonus varies although it is commonly in the $10 range. Recently I have even seen no deposit bonuses as large as $100 so make sure you comparison shop before signing up.

The details of the bonus itself may not always be clearly marked so make sure that you carefully examine the conditions of the bonus. Some bonuses may only be used on a small number of games whilst others can be played on all of the games at the casino. When it comes to withdrawing your funds the casino will also detail the playthrough requirement before your funds can be withdrawn, make sure that you check out all of these details before signing up for your bonus.


The no deposit free spins are another no deposit bonus type. If you are familiar with the pokies games (are there any Australians who aren’t?) then you will know that the free spins refer to free spins of the reels on the pokies games. There are literally hundreds of pokies games on offer at the online casinos and for many Australians this is the main reason that they joined the online casino in the first place.

If you enjoy playing pokies games then the free spin bonus offer may well be worth your while, especially if the number of free spins is generous.

If you are joining the casino specifically to play Poker or Blackjack then you should choose the no deposit money bonus.


To claim your online casino signup bonus with no deposit you will need to first scout out a casino that is appealing to you and offers a safe and secure gaming opportunity.

Once you have made your pick you will usually need to use a bonus code to take advantage of the no deposit bonus. The bonus codes are featured on the online casino homepage as well as on the reputable online casino gaming sites.