A real money no deposit Australian casino sounds a little like an oxymoron, after all how can I win real money if I have not put down a wager? What are no deposit casino games? And, most importantly, where can I play real money pokies for no deposit and win myself a payout?

If you are at all familiar with the online casino you will know that there are literally hundreds of online casinos operating and they are all trying to clamber for new players. Although the popularity of the online casino has meant that millions of players all over the world have already signed up at an online casino, there are still many more millions who have not yet opened a casino account, or they may have opened themselves a casino account but are dissatisfied and be looking for a new online casino to join.

One of the main ways these casinos attract new players is by presenting you an offer you just cannot refuse, and this is where the online casino for real money with no deposit steps in.


Anyone who works in marketing, advertising or sales can tell you that the best way to draw new clients to your product is to offer a free giveaway or a draw. The online casino is no different. The traditional and most effective way to entice new players to the online casino is to offer them a really worthwhile welcome package.

In the past these welcome packages were pretty conservative and included offers such as a 100% match bonus of $100 or $200 for all new players at the casino. Over time these offers became increasingly more and more generous. The size of the bonus grew and so did the terms. The very latest trend among some of the larger online casinos is to offer players a no deposit online bonus.

The traditional welcome bonus would be awarded after you opened your new account and deposited the first of your funds into the casino bank. The welcome bonus was usually a percentage of the amount that you had deposited. A 100% match bonus means that if you deposited $100, the casino would match this amount and you will begin your play with $200 in your casino account. The casino no deposit bonus means that once you have opened an account the casino will automatically deposit an amount into your casino bank, before you have made any deposit of your own.

This amount can vary from $5, $10 and even as high as $50 or $60. As always, this bonus will come with its own terms. The bonus can sometimes only be used on certain games at the casino and if you use the no deposit slots and win real money you will have to playthrough your win a certain number of times before you can actually withdraw this money. At some casinos the real money cannot be withdrawn until you have made some deposits of your own into your account.


Although the real money no deposit bonus is undoubtedly a great deal, make sure that the online casino you are about to sign up at offers a good range of other bonuses as well.

Other bonuses that are often offered at the casino are weekly or monthly cashback bonuses or raffles, a refer a friend bonus, prizes such as exclusive trips or cars and frequent casino tournaments.

It is also important to make sure that the casino has a VIP club. Most casinos will award you with loyalty points for deposits made at the casino, once you have accrued a certain number of these points, the casino will award you with a cash reward. These points are also usually your ticket into the VIP club that offers a whole host of exciting rewards and extras.


The real money no deposit casino is a great way for you to experience the thrill of the real money casino without having to fortify any of your own money at all. Take advantage of the bonus and enjoy all of the great games that casino has to offer. Just be sure that the casino has a range of other bonuses that you can enjoy once your no deposit bonus is long gone.