About Kosrae Surf Tours

Kosrae Surf Tours is a grassroots endeavor created and run by Matt Rott, one of the original surfers on the island. Matt, who has traveled to over 35 countries, came to Kosrae as a volunteer in 2000 and discovered some of the best surf he's ever run across. Matt is working with the local government and people to ensure that his business not only helps tourism to grow, but that it does so in a responsible manner.

Giving Back

KSTC operates a surf club/association for at-risk kids, providing equipment and mentorship to the elementary/high school/college-aged surfers on the island.

Providing equipment and mentorship to the elementary/high school/college aged surfers on the island, KSTC hopes to one day take a Micronesian surf team to the ISA games. 

To that end, KSTC proudly presents the Annual Kosraean Liberation Day Surf Invitational each September. We are also working on various environmental protection projects which we believe are essential to the preservation of Kosrae's fragile and beautiful ecosystem. If you are interested in supporting any of KSTC’s community service projects through donation of supplies, skills, etc, please feel free to contact us.